Hi Guest
Vick Bwalya

HPT2 Cardio Trainer (Kickboxing)

IIFT Cardio Athletic Kickbox Course, EMT Corporate CPR, Leadership at SA Christian Church,
Small Bakery Management, Skills Development in Speciality Baking, Certificate in Offset Lithography,
Diploma in Language (French&English)

Managing director My Hot Oven

My experience and achievements

  • I have been an instructor in different gyms and have been practicing for years in different fields of fitness. Being a trainer requires hard work, motivation and dedication to ensure that mem-bers reach their goals.
  • I have the ability to motivate individuals and give them the confidence that they need to believe in themselves that they are capable of doing so much more. The highlight of my achievement is being the Gauteng kickboxing championship. I have been an instructor for the past 4 years and have studied the following course Cardio Athletic Kickbox.
  • I have also done a course in CPR so this will assist with first aid should it be required.
  • I am still constantly training in different programs that will enhance my capability in being a better instructor.



With each step in the program individuals will be able to identify their capabilities in the program. The program is not to discourage or stigmatism individuals but to motivate them to improve their health to grow and be individuals with confidents. Making a person feel comfortable in their own skin and motivating a healthier life style. This will not be an easy task as some people will give up in the first week or early in the program but to keep them motivated will be challenge which on hand consultations and motivation will be given.


The program is starting out as a pilot project. This is to view and see the objectives and outcomes of being healthy and motivated to change bad habits to new ones. The project will enlist the following programs: Aerobics, Biggest looser, Weightless. Why these three programs because these programs are effective and target different parts of the body. The three combos consist of cardio which is to lift the heart rate, boot camp is to tone the body and consist of body conditioning exercise. Weightless will be information provided regards to nutrition. The program will help individuals to identify the goals in losing weight and changing their eating habits and movement. Movement in the program is very important cause without it one cannot be effective. The program is to target obesity in our community and change the prospection that being unhealthy is normal. By motivating adults to change their habits they can instill this to their children. There will be consultation taking place so that individuals don’t feel embarrassed or inadequate and feel like they are not capable of achieving the goal in living a healthier lifestyle.


  • To change bad eating habits into more positive healthy eating.
  • This is to make members know they can do it and that change is required and it is consistent.
  • Provide confidence in themselves and to live a healthy and productive life.

Therefor a healthy body creates a healthy mind and a happy person.